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AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope for March 12 - 18, 2018

Cancer is a very nurturing sign, and Libra likes to be nurtured. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Taurus may find themselves wanting to spend lazy days together, with their comfort-loving counterpart.

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But then there's Aquarius, who is attracted to Libra for their secret appreciation of all things avant-garde. As a sign that prefers not to rock the boat, Cancer admires "Scorpio's ability to confront and overcome the darker energies of life that they [ Pisces appreciates this, too, as well as Scorpio's mystery, Barretta says. As two "mystical" signs, they can truly understand each other. As for Taurus, they fall on the opposite end of the astrological chart, and can find Scorpio attractive as a result.

And Aquarius is the same way. Just like freedom-loving Sagittarius, they aren't ones to be tied down, which is why there's often an attraction — and mutual understanding — here.

As for Pisces, they're drawn to Sagittarius for their ability to chat about the philosophical side of life. Pisces also loves freedom and, as Barretta says, often finds it refreshing to be with someone who despises routine just as much as they do.

Aquarius 12222 Horoscope

Cancer is also all about stability, which vibes well with Capricorn's strong desire to meet their goals. And there there's Virgo, who can fall for Capricorn and their ability to remain organized at all costs. Since both are air signs, Gemini and Aquarius share a bond over their interest in social affairs, Damron says.

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Aquarius is always working to create a better society, which Gemini truly admires. And they will try to support them as much as they can. As a sign that thrives off attention, Leo may find themselves falling for Aquarius — but not for the reason you might think. Scorpio is also drawn to them, but for their quirky side. Scorpio finds the mystery quite attractive, "while Aquarius enjoys being the missing piece of the puzzle.

Leo is all about the arts and creativity. Earth signs value material things and hard work, making plans and putting them into action. Unbalanced earthlings must change routines and stop questioning their decisions. They should take coffee breaks, walk aimlessly, and socialize. They need people who change places and ambitions.

12 Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates, Meanings and Compatibility

Their best exercise is a spontaneous dance with a relaxed partner. Share Flipboard Email. Updated August 20, Aquarius: Jan. In modern times, the grouping of signs with elements has been standardized:. Continue Reading.

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