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Birthday Number 15 In Numerology - Numerology

There is a yearning within you to ground within the family or community structure, but there is a hint of wanderlust, too, which makes grounding difficult. You want the best in your life, and you strive for it. Commitment to relationships -- especially home and marriage -- is a central issue in your life.

You must be willing to bring out the best in your partner, or the place you live.

Love and Compatibility for July 15 Zodiac

In the same way, you must truly commit to your own abilities -- make the most of them! Honor your talent and cultivate it with hard work and refinement. You are generous and understanding. As a parent, you are devoted to your children and can maintain stability and love within the family.

The number 15 is associated with the 15th card of the Tarot, which many believe to be the most negative card in the deck.

What Your Day of Birth Number Means

The Devil is associated primarily with sensuality and ego remember Lucifer wanted the other angels to worship him instead of God and both of these characteristics can be detected in number 15 by examining its individual digits. The number 1 has many positive leadership qualities, but it also faces the challenge of keeping ego in check.

The number 5, you may remember, is the number of sensual or materialistic pleasures. When a person is in an unbalanced psychological state, these influences may develop into the sense of pride, covetousness and even addiction that are very much associated with the biblical interpretation of The Devil.

Birthday Number 15

Systems of spiritual knowledge and divination are unique when compared to other forms of information in that they not only help us diagnose potential problems and challenges, but can also help us solve them. A great place to find the antidote to the excessive ego characteristics inherent in 15 is in the I Ching.

⑮ Numerology Number 15. Secrets of your Birthday

The 15th kua of the I Ching is usually translated as Humility or Modesty. That way all things are apportioned correctly. While states of pride and sensual pleasure can be pleasant, they are known to lead to excess and even addiction. This is the life lesson and the challenge of those who live with the energy of Those who associate with the number 15, however, are also likely to have many of the positive qualities that are associated with 1, 5 and 6, including charisma, a sense of adventure or deep feeling of responsibility, which can lead to conflicting interests.

The best way to serve all of these talents and personality traits is to find a career that embraces as many of them as possible.

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To patronize someone, maintain and take care — your needs is almost at the physiological level. On the other hand, an adequate assessment of your activities by others is essential for you. They therefore exist that people who need this kind of help will always be found. But your possibilities are far from being limited to these two areas. You can do good everywhere, there would be a desire. You can use any type of activity that allows you to give the world something useful and necessary.

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You are a sensitive person and susceptible to the pain of others. You have what Zweig called "impatient of the heart".

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  6. You can not easily pass by the one who is bad. And this gives the relationship a special color. There is no talk of "parity of the parties" — you are unconditionally the one on whom everything rests.