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Contains about 12, common English words, with Esperanto transla- tion; pages, press board cover. Rhodes English-Esperanto Dictionary 2. Esperanta Sintakso Fruictier 45 Au international text-book, wholly in Esperanto. Esperantaj Prozajhoj dudek verkisloj.. The price of the five- language edition is quoted above. Recommended to every Esperantist who desires to culti- vate good literary style. Prepared especially for propaganda uses, and for persons who do not care to make a thorough study of the language.

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Fifteen copies, postpaid. Seguin 05 Kastelo de Prelongo Dro.

Vallienne 1. Kolorigisto Aerveturanto ' Kristana Esperanta Kantareto Muzika Terminaro F. Foreign Languages, per copy, 2c; xoo 1. Keys in English, 2 c each; in lots of 25 or more, each 01 No better propaganda matter is printed Write a letter to your friends, in Es- peranto, enclosing a Key.

Astrology Signs Descriptions: All About Aquarius | Exemplore

We , are well supplied with Vol. Those who care to own a complete col- lection will do well to buy this year. Esperanto Button 10 Celluloid with green star and words. Five or more, 5 cents each. Zamen- hof of some literary masterpiece, is probably the leading Esperanto maga- zine of the world.

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For the reason that we are general American agents for the firm, we accept subscriptions and single copy orders for this periodical. We pre- fer not to receive subscriptions for other foreign magazines. Unless otherwise or- dered, Revuo subscriptions will begin with the January, , number. Sheet music is imported by us often through indirect sources and cannot be guaranteed in perfect condition.

The beginner wishes to add to his vocabulary for every day usage, and to become accustomed to forming simple sentences with the words pertaining to every-day life. In order to do this, he wishes to find easy reading matter that will give him this class of words, as well as practice in the correct use of prep- ositions. Consequently Karlo, an easy reader for the learning of Esperanto, by Edmond Privat, is a welcome addition to the list of legolibroj.

Beginning with the entrance of Karlo upon this mundane sphere, the little book follows his career through childhood, school days, college life, and the entrance upon his profession as a physi- cian. At the end of each chapter appear from ten to fifteen questions, based upon the subject matter of the chapter, for use in review practice and conversation. These serve ns models for further questions, which the in- structor may compose ad libitum.

Forty -seven pages. Postpaid, 15 cents. Your filing capacity is thus varied, vet compaot. Solid Oak, Roller Bearings and Dust Proof Construction make these wonderful values, as your dealer will tell y We will ship direct if he will not supply you. In these states and bclond add 15 per cent.

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OC Flat-Top Desk. See a dealer or a ratal oc. The Mfg. Monroe, Mich. Edwin C. Reed, Secretary W. Gi, sekvc, ne estas plena. Oni tute nc intcncis doni plenajn seriojn. Kelkaj Lingvo-komitatanoj preferus. Hebrew hekatomb 9 hecatomb hecktar 9 hectare her old? At the Second American Congress, held at Chautauqua, in August last, certain amend- ments to the constitution of the E. The Association, during the past year, had. This idea was cleaTlv kept in view in framing the amendments and with the co- operation of the Esperanto organizations in America, there is possible today the building up of a system which Can spread the propa- ganda of the language throughout every part of the land.

This will, in most cases, involve some revision of its constitution and by-laws, in order to make them conform to the new aims and meth- ods. The object of this article is to briefly suggest the more important points to be kept in view in revising old or framing new consti- tutions.

Code changes from version 3.4 to 1.2.1

This is done in the hope that it may assist in making the expressions of our socie- ties more uniform and so conduce to the greater homogeneity and effectiveness of our work. District Association Constitutions. The object of the Association should be clearly expressed, in some form, to be to further the aims and administer the a flairs of t lie E.

Requirements should be same ns those of the E. The right to issue local charters should be stated, together with the conditions and cost of securing same, and the duties im- posed upon the local groups to which charters are issued should he recited.

See Art. The annual dues must be at least fifty cents. Upon the Secretary should ho imposed the duty of collecting flic duos from unattached members, and he Secretaries of underlying local groups and of remitting monthly twenty- five cents per capita of tin- amounts received, to the Secretary of the E.

Fiscal Year. This should begin September 1, as the E. Local Group Constitutions. The ohject should he given ns the samo ns that of the E. If the group is chartered directly by the E. Requirements for active mem- bership should be same as given above for district associations and such membership should carry with it full membership in the E.

Associate members may be allowed, if de- sired, but they cannot be members of the higher bodies mentioned. These must be at least fifty cents for active members. Where the local group is chartered by a dis- trict association, the ctoud Secretary must be required to remit the dues monthly to the district Secretary at the rate of fifty cents per capita of active members. Where the local group is chartered direct by the E. This should begin September 1, same as that of district associations with dues payable on that date.

Of course, the constitutions of Esperantist organizations throughout the land may vary greatly, depending upon local conditions and necessities, and a wide latitude is possible in the expression of individual methods and de- sires; but it would seem that the above points should be incorporated carefully in order to reach the goal aimed at by the Congress, in making the changes at Chautauqua. This goul is a worthy one and the harmony of thought and earnestness of purpose shown by all at the Congress should inspire the samideanoj of the whole continent with the determination to realize it.

This can be done by a prompt and careful attention to the necessary details, and thus having achieved oneness of organization as we are already one in purpose, surely a mighty step forward will have been taken toward the linal victory. The attention of state organizations, and of members of the E. Applications for charters from the E.

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Spillman, Bureau of Plant Industry, Washington. Owing to the changes in the Constitution in regard to membership dues, the list of new members is withheld this month, as the change to 50c per year for annual dues could not be generally made known until publication of the Amendments to the Constitution.

Die Analyse der astrologischen Elemente

Secretaries of State Associations are re- quested to collect dues within their districts, and forward monthly to the Secretary of the E. Members jn districts where no chartered district organization exists may send their dues directly to the Secretary of the E. A full list of Sustaining Members, a number of whom have already enrolled, will be published in the November number. The voting power of Councilors will be given in the next issue, being delayed for the sake of the complete membership list.

Communication on all matters other than financial should be addressed by members to the Councilor of the district in which they re- sale, who will give advice, information, and any needed assistance. Herbert Harris, Congress St. New York Division, Mr. Henry D. Eastern Division, Mr. Clifford, Jr. Capitol Division. Cheney, Librarian War Dept.

Southern Division, Mr.