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As we face fears and disappointments in Scorpio, we are inspired to seek higher truth and meaning for our lives in Sagittarius. And Capricorn invites us to explore the level of commitment and responsibility we are willing to take on to put our principles into action in the world.

Out of the darkness and pain of Scorpio arises the inspiration to seek deeper meaning in the world beyond our individual suffering. During this time, I suggest you pay special attention to the conflicts, the challenges and the painful experiences that arise. And try to remember they are invitations to healing and to grow. Rather than resisting your inner discomfort, be willing to sit with it. Smile at it.

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Get to know it. Be willing to sit with the unknown and the parts of yourself that live in the shadows that you have not yet fully understood or accepted. Your presence to simply be with all of this without judgement will infuse acceptance and love into these places within you, which helps to heal them and weave them back into your experience of Wholeness.

Moon in Scorpio (Traits and Characteristics) - Vedic Astrology

The energy released and freed up from this process can then be directed into greater strength and positive potential in the world. It allows you to literally raise your vibration and become more confident, joyful and vibrant in the world. This process happening in Scorpio is really the place where Tantra begins. Discovering our hidden power, transforming our fears and insecurities into strengths and consciously shifting our vibration into higher and higher states. This is the path of Conscious Evolution and Growth, or Tantra. The above is a general Vedic Astrology Forecast.

It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution. For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading. Click here for more information on Vedic Astrology Services. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.


Welcome to The year carries the vibration of Planet Jupiter in the sense that it adds up to a numerological value of 3. For most part of the year, Jupiter remains in the sign of Scorpio owned by its friend Mars. One can expect great developments in the new knowledge, cutting edge growth led by new discoveries and innovations and learning. But for most part there could be an element of surprise or secrecy to it.

Rapid strides in technology using artificial intelligence, new techniques in medicine and surgery or development of new weaponry and warfare methods are possible. From the month of March, Saturn remains conjunct with Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius. Many an organisation may witness overhauling of structures, difficult equation among the hierarchies — imbalance of power centres as there is difficulty in getting along.

The world order may change dramatically with the steadfast and change averse Saturn and the harbinger of evolution Ketu who residing together from March onwards. The year promises to be a year of possibilities for the Scorpio born individuals. Things get progressively well as time goes by. You have only one more year left to finish the Sade Sati period. The fatigue and frustration of having faced so much difficulty previously could be taking its toll through. What you need to realise is that it will take only a tad bit more of perseverance and this too shall pass.

There could be some worry about protecting your reputation also. Later half of the year may bring a significant opportunity for growth. You may initiate a whole new chapter in life, embracing new idea or a new philosophy.

Scorpio Moon Sign | Astrostyle: Astrology & Horoscopes

Last quarter of the year may signal the beginning of a really good spell as Jupiter enters your 2nd house bringing good luck. The year begins on a fairly promising note compared to the last year. You may see a glimmer of opportunity and hope with new avenues for growth opening up and along with that, your own outlook to be changing.

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You may be a lot more mature now. Also there is a palpable desire not get stuck in the vortex of bitterness and resentment - to move forward, irrespective of what is the storm other people would like to stir up! There could be disappointment with your remuneration — you may feel underpaid or underappreciated or both. The silver lining though is that your efforts for finding suitable opening in new places may begin to bear fruit. However, do not be gullible and do not base your decision solely on financial parameters.

It does not make sense to upset the apple cart because of a disturbing emotional spell. Those engaged in business may begin work on a promising new idea or may incorporate changes to their method of working. A word of caution here-it may be a stressful time for family run businesses- there is likelihood of differences coming out into the open, quite strongly.

There may be a split too. You will need to keep a firm grip on your communication. Likewise, not expressing your concerns, desires or bothersome issues may have you being bypassed or taken for granted — others end up taking advantage! It is best to take an assertive stand with a calm and balanced frame of mind. Some Scorpios may stay away from home for prolonged periods of time.

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Things get better as the last quarter of the year unfolds. There is monetary gain and possibly a gain of a prestigious award or position of value at the work place.