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So the physical planets dont cause anything. The Yetziratic planets cause the physical planets; and they also are the source of the same movements of the soul, which is Yetziratic. So what astrology is really doing, is not examining a physical phenomenon at all, but rather a phenomenon on the soul level Yetzirah, formation.

Which prefigures, and underlays, the physical universe. I would say that, in the proper sense of the word cause, the planets are the effect. But the reason why we use them is because they are so reliable. And why are they so reliable? Because they are utterly Assiatic; they are totally determined.

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The physical planets are totally determined by the movements in these inner worlds, or underlying worlds, or whatever you want to call them. And we can use them to describe the less-determined movements in the upper, or inner or whatever! This is what we are doing. We are essentially using the planets to tell us, what soul-time is it? They really are a clock. So the physical planets are the final result; they have no freedom actually thats not totally true, they have a tiny bit.

Thats called chaos; theres a certain amount of chaotic factor in the solar system but very low, otherwise we wouldnt be here. So I think this multiple-world approach Kabbala, Neo-Platonism and so forth really goes a long way to explaining, at least in a qualitative way, a lot of the phenomena we went into. I think astrology may in fact be proof of these realms, because I dont see any way you can explain the Mars Effect of Gauquelin due to mechanical interaction; I dont see any way that can be done. I gave a lecture several years ago where I concluded by saying, The Gauquelins are right and the scientific world-view isnt!

This is being perceived dimly, which is why theyre getting so ferociously resistant. Now I dont mean that every aspect of science is wrong; of course not. But the scientific world-view has very little to do with science. Insofar as science is a set of models, and theories designed to interpret and deal with phenomena, I have no quarrel with it at all.

Robert Hand Horoscope by Date of Birth | Horoscope of Robert Hand Astrologer

But when they generalise from that to a metaphysical position usually very primitively and say, This is the only way it can be thats when I think they go off the rails. I think thats what astrology proves they have done wrong. But it says nothing about quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, laws of motion or biology or any of that.

What astrology says is the metaphysical viewpoint, that some scientists only some have generated out of their perception of physics is incorrect. Q: Lilly says something to the effect of, The more holy thou art, the better you will be at doing astrology A: Yes! Ill buy that. There actually is some material that weve dredged out of the late Greek philosophy that came to us directly; the most explicit statement is in one of the passages in the Corpus Hermeticum though youll find it elsewhere too and that is that we are all subject to various kinds of fate and I dont mean different destinies, I mean that there are different components of destiny.

The simplest one is called, Heimarmene which means, that which has already been allotted; you dont get to choose, its already happening. Ill give you a simple illustration of that we are human. That automatically incurs some limitations.

See a Problem?

The way the Greeks would have put it is, we are in the physical universe and that causes certain limitations automatically. They would go on to say, this causes us to be dominated by the movement of the planets but we dont have to make that assumption. I think theyre right, but the point is that one does not have to make that assumption. However, theres a second component of fate which is a fate where your life is determined by your ignorance.

And when that is distinguished from Heimarmene its called necessity. Necessity and Heimarmene are often considered the same, but there are places where necessity is the result of ignorance, not of that which has already been allotted. In this construct, the role of the astrologer is to dispel ignorance. Because, insofar as you dispel ignorance, you increase the freedom of the individual. However, theres a third component called Pronoia, which is usually translated as providence a literally correct, but meaningfully hideous translation.

It would. Consciousness is like, ka-pow! And what I believe - it is, is the transformation of ones relationship with the Heimarmene, when one is reasonably conscious which is far more conscious than we normally are. And what you discover is, that your freedom is to be perfectly what you are. You have no freedom to be otherwise. Thats OK, actually. It may not be always pleasant, but you could not possibly achieve happiness any other way.

So its just like Calvin said, you are free to do Gods work. The difference, however, is that our normal notion of destiny is an external compulsion that works against our will.

Robert Hand- keynote speaker

This is an internal compulsion, that is our will. What Agnoia causes, is that people are at war with themselves; ignorance causes people to be at war with themselves. So a true spiritual astrology would be an astrology that assists people in ceasing to be at war with themselves. Now this leads us right to humanistic astrology; but the source is Greek!

follow site As I said last night, Plotinuss view of an astrologer was virtually identical to Rudhyars. Theres nothing new under the Sun! The only thing that some of the others would have added, is they would used as mitigating devices ritual magic. Iamblichus in particular had this kind of viewpoint. Hindus do the same thing they use various kinds of ritual magic to mitigate planetary influence. But I would submit that you dont mitigate the planetary influences; you alter your consciousness about them. So you go from Heimarmene to Pronoia.

Or from Agnoia to Gnosis. And at that point, there ceases to be a conflict even though there may very well be pain because, as Buddhists correctly point out, being in this universe causes a certain amount of pain intrinsically. Even though there may be pain, there can also be happiness and contentment because your will is being perfectly fulfilled, by becoming what you are.

So Lilly put it in Christian terms; to be holy is to be conscious; and I dont just mean awake, either; its a little more elaborate than that. The single greatest component of how I would describe being highly conscious is that you have an accurate perspective on the relative significances of things. Because to take a simple-minded example people who are all hung up on earning money, may exalt the earning of money to a status its not entitled to. And consequently their lives may be made miserable by this. Now not all people who go out to earn money are made miserable.

But, if you look them, they are having a good time playing the game. My favourite comment along those lines came from a financial astrologer; he said, The money isnt important its just a means of keeping score! This is quite a different attitude than the one which makes money almost a god. I believe that people who play life as a high-level game - I dont mean trivially, but who play life as the spontaneous, exuberant outpouring of energy along certain lines whether they do it consciously or not are going to be happy people.

How Transits work

So what these people who say that money is merely a way of keeping score have done, is they have restored the perspective. Whats really fun is the game; the money is just a means of keeping the score! I think all people who are happy in their lives do this at some level. Ive stated many times that, if you define play or a game as an activity pursued for its own sake, rather than for the pursuit of something higher in a hierarchy, this is usually in our culture considered to be trivial and unimportant.

Whats important is work.